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Outgoing fax result is "Unknown" What does this mean? Did it go out or not?

Trying to send an outgoing fax.  Showing "Unknown" as the result. 
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robert-diaz avatar image robert-diaz commented ·

I have had the same issue and while working with support they told me the receiver is hanging up. I spoke with the receiver and they are using a stand alone fax machine that has no issues receiving from others. I have also tested sending from another online fax account and it works every time. Something is up with RingCentral's faxing service. This has been on going since March 2022, starting then the result is either unknown or busy. If you get this resolved please come back here with the fix!

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I'm not familiar with the "Unknown" result, but I would recommend checking the sent items folder to see if it is there, and if not, then attempt at resending the fax. 
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edward-christensen avatar image edward-christensen commented ·

Why answer the question if you are "not familiar" with it? I am getting this a lot lately to a number of numbers, and when I call the fax lines, they are beeping and ready to get the fax. SO, knowing what "Unknown" is would help me know how to resolve this issue.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ edward-christensen commented ·

"Unknown" usually appears when the fax is still trying to send, especially if those are multiple pages.

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Medical Records avatar image Medical Records commented ·

I'm having the same issue and need confirmation that the faxes are going through. These faxes have a 24 hour response time and it is important to know if the faxes are successful or not.

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