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HUD in the Ring Central App (GLIP)

I've heard that the desktop phone app will eventually be phased out. The HUD is a favorite feature in our office since the staff can see other staffers' status and who they're speaking with. Will the HUD functionality be incorporated into the Ring Central (Glip) app? If so, when? If not, why not? Thanks!
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julie-sperritt14073 avatar image julie-sperritt14073 commented ·
I agree - we are using the Ring Central (Glip) App and are finding that lack of presence/HUD is causing a lot of problems particularly for customer facing teams.

I would like to be able to solve this without having to get another vendor and product involved.
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rickkee6997 avatar image rickkee6997 commented ·

If the feature will be available in quarter 2....... Why am I being nagged that it will stop working sometime in 05/2021? Why am I told NOW is the time to switch (to a half-baked program)

How the heck can I tell who is on the phone and make a decision to transfer the call to a "LIVE" agent? (with this DEAD-AZ app)

It is so riddled with bugs, even when you first open it up, the display isn't sized right and have to fuss to find out it is something I will never need or use, but have to look at every time I open it.


Aside from that, it is TWICE the size as the RC Phone app and hogs half my monitor on small laptop screen. Worthless app. Please issue a "lite" version.


Also, cannot select multiple calls in the log to delete, like you can in the PERFECT "Legacy" RC PHONE app.


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cheryl-parrish avatar image cheryl-parrish rickkee6997 commented ·

I agree with all of this. I need a small app & need the HUD

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ cheryl-parrish commented ·

We are happy to facilitate with your Account Manager to delay any transitions until you have the features that are required for your teams.

I understand that this doesn't happen as fast as any of us would like, but our Community team is sharing your feedback with the Product team regularly.

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Oak Norton avatar image Oak Norton commented ·

NOOOOOOOooooooooo. I just activated the HUD beta feature and went to look at the way it works. You have to SEARCH FOR EVERY CONTACT YOU WANT TO ADD!!! PLEASE CHANGE THAT. Let users just see a list of names and check a box for the ones they want to add. We have 100 employees and the RC platform doesn't communicate between the soft phones and our Yealink deskphones so our receptionists have to add TWO phones for each user to monitor status. Ugh.


It would also be REALLY nice if this wasn't a single column display. Let users make it 2, 3, or 4 columns to show name, status, and extension number. Nobody here cares if someone is on an inbound or outbound call, just that they're on a call. Make a small icon for users to hover on and put that info in a tooltip if someone really wants to see it, but let us squeeze the columns together in a more condensed format.

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melissa-w1 avatar image melissa-w1 commented ·
We use Bridge Operator Console with RingCentral.  We had an attendant console solution with our prior PBX system as well.  It is a stretch to expect 1 program to fit the needs of every type of employee beyond the common basic ones.  That is a recipe for an app that doesn't perform, or is riddled with bugs.  For one, I am glad that RingCentral stays in their lane, and lets their partners bring expertise to the ecosystem.  It is one of the reasons with chose RingCentral over Microsoft Teams, they have basically abandoned their partners, and the striking lack of 3rd party add ons has left their users and resellers in a tough spot.
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doug-routledge15999 avatar image doug-routledge15999 melissa-w1 commented ·
Thanks Melissa!
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gregg-radell8631 avatar image gregg-radell8631 melissa-w1 commented ·

The HUD has been there for the three plus years that our company has used RC. We rely on it, and it was a factor in us selecting Ring Central to begin with. How are they "not staying in their lane" by preserving it?

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kayla-joosse14589 avatar image kayla-joosse14589 commented ·
Yes we would love this feature for working from home! Would be super helpful. 
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mary-community-moderator answered Becky-Community_Manager commented

Good news! HUD BETA is now available. On your RingCentral App, go to Settings, then Phone. From there, you can click the slider button to enable Head-up display (HUD) (BETA).

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks so much for sharing this, Mary!
To add to this - please note that this is for desktop only at this time.
Let us know how it goes and share your feedback here!

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peter-andersen answered deanna-johnson16384 commented

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like we have 2 completely different platforms. If I change my status in the old platform, only people using the old platform will see that status. Same with new - only new platform people will see it. This is a bit of a logistical nightmare, as most of our office is using the old version, and the new version is still not as good as the old version. My recommendation to the upgrade team is to fire all of the planners, because this community should not be the ones coming up with this stuff. Second, have a plan for transition in the future, this isn't an upgrade, it is a new product. As such, they do not communicate at all. give your clients the choice of which product to use, as a whole. Stress to your users that you can really only use one or the other, and should switch some time in 2021, before old product is cut off completely. In that time, old product will not change, but new product will be updated and improved upon. Then let us tell our staff when to update to the brand new and completely different product (I think we will be ready 10/1/2021)

I wasn't kidding, the people that planned this app change should be fired. All of the anger on this chat group could have never happened with a little communication. Ring Central has more people bad mouthing them today than they have in the past 5 years, all because of this poorly planned, poorly written, and poorly executed program change. Someone should pay for it. You know, besides us customers...

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

@peter-andersen Thanks for this. We understand you're frustrated and have connected with your account manager to follow up.

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deanna-johnson16384 avatar image deanna-johnson16384 commented ·

We are also noticing this issue. The presence status should be the same through all platforms!!!

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Daniel Arambula answered

I'm having difficulty because users are needing to add thew users they want to monitor to their HUD. it would be great, if as an admin, we could set teams or make sure team members have the contracts they need readily available. is this doable?

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