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Why does the "screen share" never work??

When in a meeting, our "screen share" option rarely works. We are forced to end the meeting 2 or 3 times before the screen share works. This has been happening for several months. I am losing my patience with this!
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I have 3 RC apps on my desktop. The phone, the meetings, and the newest (glip) app. When I launch a video call from a glip conversation, it says it is powered by zoom, but I am being told that Zoom is not compatible with the RC video meetings. I am not sure how that makes sense. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, cleared cashed images/cookies, etc and it is still a gamble each time we try to share our screens. We have had 300 person meetings going on where the presenter is not able to share his/her screen and it is very unprofessional and frustrating. The only thing that seems to help is starting, ending, and restarting the meeting a few times. That can't be the solution.
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Running an instance of Zoom and RC on your computer is going to cause compatibility issues. You'll need to delete one or the other. 

Make sure you're deleting all instances of Zoom: 

  1. Click on the search option in the top right of your desktop
  2. Search for ~/Library/Preferences/ then select Preferences.  This will open up the Finder.
  3. In Finder, search for the file named ZoomChat.plist
  4. Right click on 'ZoomChat.plist', and select Move to Trash.
  5. Uninstall RC Meetings. Back in Finder, navigate to Applications.  Find RingCentral Meetings, right click and select Move to Trash.
  6. (If Applicable) Uninstall Zoom. Back in Finder, navigate to Applications.  Find, right click and select Move to Trash.  
  7. Right click on the Trash Can in the bottom right and select Empty Trash.
  8. Restart your Mac. 
  9. Reinstall RingCentral Meeting which can be found here:

    There are more details in this thread here.
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will-mercer avatar image will-mercer Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

That is utterly ridiculous! In the time we are living, I need SEVERAL online meeting apps to meet with clients.

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Adam Pinterits avatar image Adam Pinterits will-mercer commented ·

Agreed, this answer is absurd. I use Zoom 10x more than RC. If you're forcing me to choose between apps I'm choosing Zoom and taking my entire company with me.

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jenn-community-moderator avatar image jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·
Hi Bria! 

Can you confirm what app you're using: the unified RingCentral app or the standalone meetings app?

Please double check that you're on the latest app version as well.
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Adam Pinterits avatar image Adam Pinterits jenn-community-moderator ♦ commented ·

Does RC have another answer to this problem? For the second time in a row now some participants aren't able to see the presenter's screen share. Important information is being missed in trainings that our company is paying for. We are RC clients and so is the vendor who is providing the trainings, if anything that should make this run more smoothly. I am not deleting other apps just to accommodate poor coding/planning/whatever on RC's part.

I would appreciate a solution please. Thank you.

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