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Reliability & liability

I provide health and legal services in my company. I chose RingCentral bec HIPAA. I have them since 2013. Customer care used to be excellent now is none. My credit card expired and the service got disconnected 10 days after the automatic renewal. Tried to reinstate the service. Got one billing call that I missed. Opened a ticket for customer care. It is a week now and no one cared to call, get paid, and reinstate the service. This company is located in Taiwan. They love to benefit from the American market but they cant conceive the USA business & trade Statues. Imagine the damages of having the communication your businesses rely on suddenly get suspended and you fall vulnerable to the communication company not only to resume your business but to obtain your records from them if you decided that they are not reliable and you need to move on and contract a different company. Imaging the cost and effort of filing a law suit case against them in federal court to obtain your electronic records! Reliability is #1 in business and they are none in this area! Nabil Guirguis Executive Director

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Good luck!! Their behavior is unacceptable, especially being a customer for seven years and running a time-critical business that deals with strict privacy! Please let us know how this turns out!!
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A good luck is always good but as the companies got used to negligently disregard the consumers they have to be held accountable by enacting the federal statues. This what I have done with corrupt companies before. I am hoping RingCentral will understand their liabilities and respect business in USA. I admit they have a good product but in absence of 100% reliability, it worth nothing and proven to be damaging. Thanks
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CheckMate Aviation, we weren't able to find any cases associated with your issue. 
Please reach out to us if we can assist further at
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Nabil, We've located your account and have connected with our counterpart in the billing department who has also connected with your account manager. 
Please standby as we investigate your issues further. 
Feel free to contact us at
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