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Number Ported Still Ringing On Old Phone

We are a US based account having issues with a number we've ported to Ring Central.

The porting process was very smooth, easy, and successful, now that the number has been ported we faced an issue, that even though when we dial out the Caller ID is our ported number, when somebody else, not from our company, is dialing this number, they're being routed to the old phone that we ported the number from.

Anybody had ever such an experience or would know how to resolve this?

This is affecting a huge amount of clients that are unable to reach us.

call forwardingporting and number transfer
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Yes.  I had this happen in one of my office transitions.


I had requested the porting of the numbers and they did not port and they did not port and they did not port.


In my case it was an issue between the original phone provider and ring central.  They were having some kind of disagreement.  I ended up forwarding the old numbers to fake numbers that Ring Central gives you for the phone.  Then I had to send the letter of authorization asking for porting again, I think I sent it a total of three times and if I recall I did it on line as well.  Finally after about two weeks my numbers got ported.  But because I forwarded the original phone to the fake number my users could get calls, it was just weird for a while.


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Did you also have the same issue with dual number owning?
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I have run into similar issues when porting numbers away from usually analog lines. In my experience it was usually when another analog user in the same market was dialing the ported number. It could have been a caller on a digital circuit but with the previous carrier.

Without knowing more details I am making a couple guesses here. In my cases, it was the LEC - Local Exchange Carrier, that still had the old routing in their system. So if a caller was on the same platform it never left to see the new routing the other carriers see.

I have had this happen not just when migrating a client to the cloud but even from Analog to a PRI or SIP trunks. If callers out of your area or on cell phones route correctly, then you might be dealing with the same issue. If all calls no matter where they originate, are routing wrong, then you may have a different issue. 

In all cases I suspect that you will need to get your previous carrier to update their database. I have found this to be an extremely difficult task as they are not motivated to assist as you are a former customer and finding someone there who understands the issues and has the ability to correct is very difficult these days. It is not a Tier 1 or 2 resolvable issue. You need to find the long time, close to retirement, problem solver in that company. Good luck. Please post how this gets resolved.

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Strange. I still think getting your previous carrier to update their routing is where it is going to be corrected. That is assuming you have worked with RingCentral to make sure all the proper items on their end are handled. What if some other unrelated company on RingCentral dials the number? Does it route properly? What about someone calling long distance?

I suspect you still have access to the old system or how do you know it is ringing there? There are various databases to update with a port but most are populated in 20 to 30 minutes or less. 
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Actually, in the beginning, I also only had the issue with callers within the carrier we ported from, but eventually, all the calls are being routed to the old phone except of those in our network.
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Dean Moberg answered
I had a similar (thankfully temporary issue) in that my old voip provider still had us on their system for what appeared to be only my phones still connected to their network.  I have not had any occurrences I am aware of once the last number proted and they closed out our phone service.
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