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Microphone issues with AirPods (bluetooth) on RingCentral Mac app

Anyone else have issues using AirPods (or any bluetooth headset) with the RingCentral Mac app? I can hear audio just fine but there seems to be a delay when the mic starts picking up my voice. When I start speaking others can not hear my voice (or the audio is very quiet) for about 1-2 seconds. If I continue speaking after that the mic volume will get louder and people will be able to hear me.

I am using
Version: 20.2.1 (E. 5.0.12)
Build: 20 (rev. f56a7ce5)
US account
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john-marshall avatar image john-marshall commented ·
I am having issues with Airbuds on a PC.  I bought Airbuds to give me some privacy since my wife is working from home and sharing my home office with me.  I connected the Airbuds to my computer and set the RingCentral app to use them as my primary audio device.  The RingCentral app kept the microphone turned on and prevented incoming calls until I switched the microphone and speaker back to my Sennheiser headset.  The Airbuds work with everything else on my computer and incoming calls will ring on them, but I have to switch over to my Sennheiser headset to actually take a call.  I think something is causing a feedback loop on the microphone that is screwing up the RingCentral app from acting normally.
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vanessa-rios1 avatar image vanessa-rios1 commented ·
I am having a similar issue but only when it tries to reconnect and sometimes the mic on my airpods will randomly stop working. I just bought these a month ago and they work well on my other devices but not when I connect to ringcentral desktop on my ipad mini. I end up having to log out and close out the application completely, put the airpods in the case, log in and reconnect the airpods. At times i have to do this a few times until the microphone works again. 
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Becky-Community_Manager answered Ruth Tolerton commented
Mark, can you reach out to us with your log file? (Control+Shift+d)
Also the specific time you encountered the issue so that Engineering can track down within in the file?
Send it over at

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Ruth Tolerton avatar image Ruth Tolerton commented ·

Same issue. My airpods work fine with everything else on the pc but don't like Ring Central

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Wendy Murillo avatar image Wendy Murillo commented ·

Hi, I am also having trouble getting my airpods to work with my desktop ring central app. People can hear me but i am unable to hear anything. I am constantly on the phone and it would be nice to be able to use my airpods to speak wit customers. Please help! Wendy Murillo

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mark-kulich answered Becky-Community_Manager commented
Actually, this may not be a RingCentral issue. I have had a few people comment on the issue while using my AirPods on phone calls with my iPhone. After some investigation I found some other people reporting issues with the microphone in one of their AirPods going bad. I usually only use the right AirPod when I am on calls/meetings. I just switched to using the left AirPod and it seems like it might be working.

Thanks for the quick response Becky. I will continue to monitor the mic quality over the next couple days. If I notice any issues I will attach the logs with specific times.
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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·
Excellent! Keep us in the loop!
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