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How to access SMS feature in sanbox account?? - Developer Tools

Error: "The selected sandbox account doesnt support SMS feature. Contact Customer Support if needed!"

Ok, so excuse the frustration, but I have tried to call into RingCentral support and whoever I spoke to said that I need to call "Sandbox" to be granted access to the SMS feature. (First of all, sandbox isn't necessarily a company.. it's a term used to test development). Anyways.. I went along with it and asked if there is a number and the representative said to Google it.. ??? I ended up hanging up because it sounded like she was pretty clueless

So then, I went to the support link. I can't even open a ticket because it says I need to log in, and when I try to log in I get a new error saying "ERROR_CREATING_USERLicense Limit Exceeded."

I have two other accounts that I have this same RingCentral feature set up on, and I like that I already have the functionalities created, but this is a pain in the butt that I can't move forward on development because I have no point of contact through call, chatbox, or a support ticket to resolve.

Does anyone have answers that can help?


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