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call waiting mobile app

Now that 80 % of our employees are working from home, when they are one their Ring Central smart phone, when the second call comes in , they dont see and sometimes miss the important client calls.
At the end of the week, when we present the Annalistic phone reports to the owner and managers, it shows many uses have missed so many calls, and the owner gets upset, at a  point that wants to fire people.
Can you please come up with a new version, that shows the call waiting?
It does not matter what the employee says that they did not miss and phone was right next to them, but the report shows otherwise.
Please let me know when you can add this feature.


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Hello Eric!

Apologies, I would highly suggest creating a case in our support site, so we can further check the settings of their extensions.

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I was told by RC tech support that call waiting was not an option, but here it appears that it is simply as easy as an extension setting?


So, is call waiting simply a matter of having the correct settings on the extension? Ring Central tech support told me that you do not have this feature at all!

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