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forward text messages

There is no reason why this has not been done yet. We are a small business. My father died on Monday, yet I still have to work as 90% of my clients text instead of call or email. 
There is not even a standard message reply that I can set. I literally just have to deal with the work while I am off dealing with the passing of my father. This is just ridiculous as I see threads of this kind going back at least 2 years. 

sms and text messaging
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In cases like this. We go into notifications and set up email notifications for text msg. We use the persons email address that is covering as the email notification. A txt comes in , the person covering gets the email msg and is able to reach out to the person that sent the txt 
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We have built a text-forwarding service for RingCentral accounts, but we have not released it to the public (yet) because it works similar to forwarding emails, in that all the texts that are forwarded are shown as all being from your RingCentral number.  We include the original sender's number so that it can be responded to, but currently there are no names associated to each of the numbers so it makes it hard to know who is texting you when using the forwarding.  We do not want to use and depend on RC contacts being updated, so we are currently working on a feature to sync gmail and microsoft contacts so that forwarded texts can show a name & number they were originally sent from.  As soon as we have this sync feature working, then we will release the service to the public.

Note that this is not a RingCentral issue, its a SMS texting technical issue, in that SMS texting does not contain caller-id info, only a senders number.   Most carriers can forward text messages, but only when the entire number line gets forwarded (voice, text, fax).  Unfortunately RC does not support any type of forwarding of voice and/or text and/or fax lines.
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Verizon sprint and att have all told me there they can not forward txt msgs . IM glad we have the email option with RC
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Note, that unless your RC contacts are up-to-date, then the email-notifications options will only show you what number sent the text (no name).  We use this email-notifications option alot for many lines and have been running into a lot of confusion as to who the original sender of each text is.  That is why we are working on syncing with gmail & microsoft contacts.
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