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Is there a way to see incoming caller ID after a call has passed through a receptionist/queue?

We have a receptionist routing calls that come into our main line: a call comes in, reception answers, places the call on hold and then forwards the call to a user. We use RingCentral App (GLIP), not RC Phone.

After the call is received by the end-user, their caller ID does not show the actual person that called but instead shows a call from our receptionist. This even happens with recorded calls making the call log and call recordings incredibly difficult to navigate and search. For an end-user to find a call that was patched through by reception, the user has to know the specific date and time and search that way; if they want to find the caller ID associated with the person that called, they have to reach out to IT to search on the admin end using reception's call log.

In addition, this have proved incredibly difficult for managing call recordings because we can't simply search by the number since the moment a call is transferred by reception, it gets marked as a recording between reception and the user.

With that, is there a way to set inbound caller IDs to appear for calls transferred by reception to users?

Thank you!

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cody-tousignant answered
I reached out to RC support and they explained that having the caller ID number follow the actual call is a feature that isn't currently implemented.

They explained that when transferring a call, the call must be transferred blindly for the caller ID to follow the call.
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tammy-fiorentin1 answered
Like Cody mentioned, the receptionist can perform a blind transfer (transfer call without announcement). It sounds like the receptionist is currently performing a warm transfer (announce caller before forwarding the call to the extension). I hope this helps!

I'm not sure what phone you have but on a Polycom: 
Blind Transfer - Shows CALLER ID on a Transferred Call
Use softkey "Transfer" > "Blind" > enter extension > "Send"

Warm Transfer - Shows EXTENSION on a Transferred Call
Use softkey "Transfer" > enter extension, pause to connect > introduce call > "Transfer"
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Following up on this. We would like for clients that we have saved in our ringcentral contacts to appear with their name on our inbound Caller ID when they call our main line. Our main line is designed to route to our call que and the call que routes to 3 people that can receive the call. The problem is, even though we have our clients phone #'s saved by name, the Caller ID shows the name of the call que instead of showing the client's information on the caller ID. Can this be changed? Thanks

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

Charles, have you tested out the workaround mentioned above?
If not, we'd suggest that first and if you'd like, please share your idea in the Ideas Portal HERE.

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Jennie Jones avatar image Jennie Jones Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

So there is no way other then blind? I do not do blind transfers I ask every person first if they can take call.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Jennie Jones commented ·

Yes, Jennie. The Product Team is planning to add this feature, and we are waiting for more updates.

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