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Remote Agent to Agent Call Shadowing for WFH - Does it Exist?

Is there a feature that allows a new trainee to remotely observe/shadow another agent's calls? Due to COVID-19 and social-distancing guidelines, and working from home, I need to identify a new process since side-by-side observation is no longer an option.  I'm wondering if there is a feature similar to "Coach" in the Supervisor portion of the Contact Center/Max Agent.  
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I don't know of another feature for doing that, if it were me I might try to build a new role with supervisor permissions limited to listening only, if that is possible
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Liam, I wondered about that as well.  Thank you so much for the suggestion!  I will definitely explore that option if there is no feature currently in place.  I appreciate you responding! 
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Did this way work for call coaching? I'm looking for something similar.

Thank you!

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Hi Jenny, this feature is not available. You may submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal at

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I do agree this is much-needed, and it should not require anyone to submit a feature request. Clearly this is needed for all of us, and I hope that RingCentral is proactively working to add this functionality!

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I found that Call monitoring works really well, you're able to have the trainer do the talking and the trainee can listen in or vise versa. You also have the ability to whisper in the trainee ear to help coach them along. It was a feature that had to be turned on but it was included in the package that we purchased.

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