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Missed call log


We have 3 users with ring central. We are having an issue

with call log. If user 1 does not answer the call, if it gets answered by line 2 or 3; it still comes as missed call on user 1. Now the employee on user 1 sees it as missed call on her ring central app even though it is answered by other lines and calls the customer again.

If the call is answered by either of the lines it should come as answered in call log instead of missed call.

Please kindly fix this problem.. or guide us through the solution. Any help will be appreciated!

call logs
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brett-crowther10425 avatar image brett-crowther10425 commented ·
Good luck with this one. The community has been asking for it for years. RingCentral says its by design and refuses to change. I'll be moving to another provider soon because of this.
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YEARS- that one word says the company doesnt give a . Sad I just paid yearly fee. I will cancel and move one too. Thank you for the feedback. Ring central would soon be the Nokia of voip phones. Both did everything right, just did not update themselves with the interests of consumers. Thank you Brett.
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Are you using a call queue or are you fowarding calls on no-answer on each extension?
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We have call queue set up where all 3 lines ring simultaneously. I spoke to the customer care and they even tried call forwarding to fix it, but it still comes as same. So she told me to post in the community so that some engineers will see and think about if they want to fix it or not. She even told me this problem was not fixed since a while and lot of customers were asking. Guy in the previous comment also had the same problem. Its just unfortunate that they dont update the program to what consumer wants. Thank you.
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Shari Hayner avatar image Shari Hayner commented ·

We just joined Ring and this is a huge flaw in design for us. We are in a call center so we are set up just the Persall Family Dental posted. What even makes this more difficult is when the unwanted missed call log takes over the Phone screen - a dispatcher that is standing up away from the desk cannot accept the call from the headset without first going to the phone and hitting the home key. Please, someone, respond to what petition needs to be started to get this functionality changed to accommodate a dispatch office.?

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Any update on this? In another thread there was a link to suggest feature (not that this is even a feature is a major bug) and all the links are now dead.

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