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How to get Incoming call information like phone number of the person called and the extension it was answered?

Hello ,

We are new to RingCentral. We are trying to get incoming call information with the extension the call is answered immediately (real time). We need a push notification or a trigger. That sends information to a particular URL.

How can we achieve this? We use .Net .

If it can be achieved through webhook. Where can I find a sample to create a webhook.

Any help is appreciated.


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To get real-time, incoming call information, you should make a subscription with the presence event filter:


You can get more information on this here:!#RefNotifications.html

For C#, we have a PubNub subscription example:

For webhooks, we have some examples in JS and PHP:

* JS:
* PHP (via Botman):

Try it out in C#.
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Currently, I do not have a webhook demo example yet.  I am working on it. But I have a sample code for C# Subscription using pub nub here, which you could refer to :   
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Thank you . 

Do you have any example to make subscription using C#?

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