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Webhook callback for company wide number

Hello @Phong Vu,

We have a production app (via API) where we can call a number and a web hook callback is sent. We use the following to set it up (Ruby):

    r ='/restapi/v1.0/subscription', payload: {
        eventFilters: ["/restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension/~/presence?detailedTelephonyState=true"],
        deliveryMode: {transportType: 'WebHook', address: DELIVERY_ADDRESS, verificationToken: VERIFICATION_TOKEN},
        expiresIn: 604800

The problem is, we get the callback only when calling RINGCENTRAL_USERNAME (which is a phone number). But we have our sales team responding to a office wide RC company phone number. When that number is called we do not get any webhook callback. What we have to do so that we get a web hook callback when someone calls the office wide RC company phone number?

Warm regards,

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Simply change the event filter to use the account presence event.

eventFilters: ["/restapi/v1.0/account/~/presence?detailedTelephonyState=true"]

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Many thanks! We now get webhook callbacks. But one more thing. There are about 10 sales people using RingCentral and I get 6 webhook calls (because at that time 6 were online). What API call I have to make to figure out who is the associated user for a webhook call. Maybe use partyId as an identifier in the API call?

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The info is in the notification payload .body. You will receive something like this:

{ extensionId: 186478004,
  telephonyStatus: 'Ringing',
   [ { id: 's-16627a838cb84af680640dbbc87fb327',
       direction: 'Inbound',
       fromName: 'Francisco Vu',
       from: '+1650513xxxx',
       toName: 'Colin Arlington',
       to: '102',
       telephonyStatus: 'Ringing',
       sessionId: '21615716004',
       startTime: '2019-10-16T15:28:29.646Z',
       partyId: 'p-16627a838cb84af680640dbbc87fb327-3',
       telephonySessionId: 's-16627a838cb84af680640dbbc87fb327' } ],
  sequence: 1845,
  presenceStatus: 'Available',
  userStatus: 'Available',
  dndStatus: 'TakeAllCalls',
  message: 'Available till 5:00pm',
  totalActiveCalls: 1 }
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