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RC meeting virtual background issue

I am having issues turning on virtual background for one of my computers. It's a 2020 Dell XPS 13 with a i7-1065G7 processor . I am not able to turn on virtual background because the processor does not meet the "minimum" requirement of 2 GHz. It has a idle speed of 1.3 GHz and ramps up to a 3.9 GHz. I call technical support and they were useless and just keep saying it does not meet the requirement of 2 GHz.

This is the one of the latest i7 on one of their top end notebooks. All of my "older" and less powerful notebooks have no issues with virtual background . It seems RC only checks the raw base speed of a processor but does not take into consideration of the generation of the processor or any power saving modes. The issue is the same in the RC and RC Classic app.

This computer was given to one of the owners of the company to work at home due to Covid. The company has implemented a virtual background initiative - now one of the owners cannot use a virtual background...

I have no issue using virtual background in Zoom on the same computer.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, ML

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I am also having a user with this issue and no solution.

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Hi Michael, is this happening also in the RingCentral Meetings app?

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Any answer to this issue? One of my orgs users are facing this as well!

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Hi All, Same issue happens with RingCentral App on my new laptop, Dell G5 15, with windows10 64bit + core i7. I believe it is not hw spec issue. Reinstall didn't resolve my issue. Google show me Zoom has same issue, but they don't have resolution yet also. Does anyone have fix or workaround?

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For this issue, please reach out to our Phone Support so they can investigate the issue.

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1 Answer

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Same thing with a brand new machine. Thinkpad T14s if that helps narrow it down

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