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Disable "Masked Numbers" in RC Meetings Analytics?


We have the admin setting of 'Enable Masked Numbers' disabled in the portal, yet when we host meetings that are not public in the sense that only internal-staff, and explicitly invited people can join, the info in the Participants column, in the 'Meetings' dashboard is partially obscured.

Only specific, authorized, people can access the dashboard.

This obscurification is interfering with our ability to generate our own analytics, based on our internal systems. This change, which seems to be in the name of user security/privacy, is only a half-measure. For example: If I (me, the system admin) join a meeting, I can see the people and phone numbers who have also joined the meeting via the 'participants' window. If I (me, the system admin) joins any meeting via the admin panel with the 'Join As Assistant' link, I can also see the people and phone numbers of the other people who have joined. So, why mask it in the analytics?

The fact that I can see the people's name & phone number (if they're dialed in as opposed to computer audio) during a meeting, but not after a meeting, is very customer-hostile and the part that makes it a half-measure. The data is still there and available to me, should I choose to write it down, but if I want to download it digitally, I am not allowed to see it.

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Hi Tpcommat,

This is currently a known issue. Our Product Team are working to resolve this . Thank you.

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