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How do I get full name to display on Ring Central Meeting Reports?

I need the full names of participants to show on the RingCentral Meeting report. Prior to July 15, 2020 the participant's full name displayed as indicated during the call. After July 15, 2020 the names are truncated on the report. How can I get the full name to show again?

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Jay Schubert avatar image Jay Schubert commented ·

I agree. Since the report began truncating names I get total garbage that's mostly useless with participant names like A** or An** or Pa**Wa**. When I'm running a 40 person meeting there is absolutely no way I can use this to reconcile who showed up against who was invited.

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Katie Cooper avatar image Katie Cooper commented ·

This is still happening for me - has anyone passed along a solution yet?

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kyle-van-de-kamp avatar image kyle-van-de-kamp Katie Cooper commented ·

I had a ticket open for them since August 10th 2020. It got placed on PKI hold -- i've requested an updated and had no response to that request in about 45 days.


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kyle-van-de-kamp avatar image kyle-van-de-kamp kyle-van-de-kamp commented ·

This appears to have just been fixed for me.

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