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Creating groups and sending mass text messages

One of the representatives told me today that there is no option to create a group contact and I want to know if that option can be available. To send a mass text to fathers wishing them happy father's day, I will like to have that group saved separately in my contact and have other groups as well for different clients. I will also like to go back to that group and add more new clients or edit the previous clients' info. When I'm ready to send a mass text message out, I can just click on the group I need. Please help

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Hi Temba,

This is currently not available but thank you for submitting this idea. We can get back with this thread once this is considered by our Product Team.

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@Mary-Community_Moderator, Have you presented this to your Product Team? Many of your customers find this an important feature, though they may not be noisy asking for it. In the cost/benefit analysis, this is low hanging fruit. Please revisit the subject and reach out to me if you want to see the benefit to me as a user, and THE RISKS IT POSES TO ME WHEN SOMEONE SENDS ME A GROUP TEXT BECAUSE IT'S TOO EASY TO MISTAKE THE GROUP FOR AN INDIVIDUAL. The downside of the status quo is people like me wondering how your team ignored this in their consideration of UI and some wondering whether this oversight is enough to drop RC. Thanks.

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Hi Richard, we understand how this option would be beneficial. The Product Team is still reviewing this feature, and we don't have an update yet if they will add this. We will relay your feedback to them.

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