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10-15 Second Delay Answering or Making Calls With RingCentral App

Good afternoon,

We're on day 3 with RingCentral, and we're finding things we really like and little things that make us scratch our head. Overall it's been a pretty good experience.

I have something weird going on with the desktop app. When I try to answer a call on Glip there is a 10-15 second delay before the call is answered. When I dial a number there is a 10-15 second delay before it dials.

This morning I was in My Extension on I recorded a new Voicemail Greeting. I left that Window up, and all day long the app calls have been working nearly instantly. I don't experience any delay or issues. As soon as I closed that My Extension on the website the delays reappeared. I reopened the website, made sure my microphone was active on that page, and Glip is back to working without issues.

I have a $35 pair of Logitech headphones, and they haven't given me any issues on other programs. It's a USB connection directly into my computer. I'm using Microsoft Edge as my browser. I have the latest release of the app installed.

I'm aware my headphones aren't on the supported list (I don't think this is the reason, but it could be). I was curious if anyone else experienced this issue and if they discovered a resolution.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm experiencing this same issue and do not see a response....please help!

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Billy Merfeld avatar image Billy Merfeld Brandie Conrick commented ·

I never did find a real resolution. It happens with the RingCentral Desktop App and RC Phone. I upgraded to a gaming headset (G533) since they are more comfortable for me and more functional for other things. However, they're not supported either.

I noticed my headphones work great for websites, so I tried using the browser version, It works phenomenally well.

I've dumped the installed apps and just use a browser. An added bonus - when a call comes in and I have browser notifications turned on, I can answer from the browser notification by the Windows task tray instead of having to have the app on top. Last time I tried the desktop app, it didn't have that option for me.

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Brandie Conrick avatar image Brandie Conrick Billy Merfeld commented ·

Thanks Billy that's a great idea, I will try that! I found that I don't have this issue when I use headphones plugged in by USB but I prefer the Bluetooth. :)

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