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RC Meetings Chat hyperlinks no longer functioning

Hi there RC Friends,

Our org has noticed that the hyperlinking in the RC Meetings chat box (the chat window during a video meeting) is no longer working for many of our users. We have the most recent versions of the apps and have tested with RC support. Previous versions worked fine although the option to downgrade isn't something I'd like to propose especially with the older apps screaming to update the moment they are opened. Anyone have any work arounds for this?

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Hello Sean,

Apologies, I will share this with our Product Team, you might want to use our RingCentral Unified app?

The hyperlinks are also available for the newer app. You can get the app from here. Thanks!

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Hi there Jenn,

Thank you but we have tried it with the unified app and that is our preferred choice of apps. We've tested it on windows 10, MacOS, on computers with our company image and computers without the image and just the basic windows 10/MacOS operating system.

Seeing that your end is using it fine, do we have a setting missing somewhere? I've checked about every page in Admin and cannot find much related to the chat options.

I appreciate any help, thank you!

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Hello Sean,

Apologies for the delayed response. If we still have issues with the hyperlinks for both apps. I highly suggest creating a case here.

One of our phone support will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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