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Bamboozled with sudden different behavior in call logs


We are having a problem with the call logs and now the ring central engineer on our case is trying to get us to agree that what we want isn’t currently a feature, but that it is incorrect. It was working, and then it started misbehaving, and now after the engineer has been troubleshooting and changing settings, it doesn’t work at all. I’m hoping some of you might be smart enough to see what the problem is so my beleaguered office manager can get back what she relies on.

When people call into the company, all the office phones ring, and it also goes to office manager’s cellphone, because remote working. Typically, throughout her busy day, she looks at her ring central app’s call logs, and if anyone answered in the office, it showed up as answered in the log. At one point, suddenly many of the incoming calls were missing from the log, and that went on for a few days. So I opened a ticket.

Since then office manager and I have been logging a lot of hours, ticking settings, answering questions, waiting for the engineer to make changes, then testing. Now instead of calls missing from the log, all the calls show up for her as answered.

In her words, in case I as the IT guy am missing something: “Since I am working remotely I had it set up so that calls also come to my personal cell. So calls to the main office line ring at all the desks and on my cell and I answer from my cell. I check call logs on the ring central app on my phone to verify if any calls on my cell that were missed by me were ultimately answered or not, so that I can call them back. Previously, I would know it's been answered as it would show me that and also how long the call was. This helped me determine whether <onsite coworker> already got to them or not since we're sharing the task of answering the main line.

“Now ring central is trying to make it seem like calls answered by <coworker> would just show as missed calls for me. That would only be the case on my cell phone call log though, not on the ring central app call log. They are clearly mistaken since I used to verify if calls were missed this exact way for so long now. “

I normally have great experiences with them but this is an open wound that’s stretching out into weeks.

If anyone can see what’s going wrong here, I’d be very grateful for your input.

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Hi Gregory, we would like to confirm if this behavior is normal or not. Please send us your account information at So that we can check on your cases.

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