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Add Mingle feature to Meetings

In the new normal we can no longer have happy hours or group functions where a large group of people show up and self select to talk with a couple of people and then move on to a different conversation.

Add a party feature with mingling.

The UI probably shows existing groups and individuals that are not part of a group.

Members of a group can set their group as private / do not disturb or allow others to join (presumably the default is allow others to join).

Individuals can leave a group at any time.

Individuals can approach one or more people and ask to join a group (like Slack group chat).

Option and group member could assign a topic to the discussion

Would be cool to use NLP to auto detect the current topic and dynamically change it over time.

topics and groups would be shown in the "waiting room",, "Foyer" whatever you want to call it. that is where people would be until they join a group.

I think this is an important new feature for the new normal as we have lost the hallway conversations that occur on a regular basis with our team. And even more so with online conferences vs in person conferences.

For large conferences you would need to have a room of rooms concept -- this room is about topic A and people will break into small interactive groups around that topic.

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Drew, please share your idea in our idea and feature request portal.
Click here and select Customer Community Feature Requests to add your idea.

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