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Batch Script Installation

Hello. I am submitting this as a feature request. I would like a way to batch or script install new editions of both the Ring Central Desktop App and Ring Central Meetings.

Currently, when you install a new version of either app, they do not overwrite the older versions, but coexist with their older counterparts. This makes installing and updating a pain as one has to go after the older remnant installations.

The only way to uninstall RC via command prompt is to find the specific uninstall string in the registry and issue this type of command:

.\msiexec.exe /uninstall "{119A64E4-511B-49E1-9735-002FEDC282DD}"

The issue is that whereas the program is loaded to the local appdata folder, and not the program files folder, the command only hits what ever user is currently signed in. The other real pain in the rear is that the uninstall string CHANGES every variant version of the software. So if I had 10 users all on different versions, I would have to get all 10 uninstall strings to uninstall the old software and then push the new installer just for that one user account.

It is a rabbit hole for sure.

To reiterate my request, I would like to have a way to do a mass script install that overwrites all previous versions of that app.

Secondly, make this a normal app that lives in the program files folder. You can keep user settings in appdata, but the program needs to become a real program...

if the above is not possible, at minimum I would like to see a removal tool created that has all uninstall strings included. I could batch run the removal tool to remove all prior versions and then batch run the new install.

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Hello Brandon,

Thanks for posting this. I would highly suggest you post it also here on our feature request page. I will share this with our Product Manager.


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