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What is this icon?

I recently started seeing this red 'reload' type icon next to names in the Direct Messages list. Any idea what it indicates? You can't click the icon, because it disappears as soon as you hover over it.

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Randy Haun avatar image Randy Haun commented ·

I found this same "red circle with arrow end" displayed next to one direct message. I could not get it to go away. After trying everything that I could think of and searching everywhere I found this post. Knowing that it means a message failed to send. Then all I had to do was look thru all the messages that I had sent to that person and find the message with no date and the same "red circle with arrow end". I then pressed send and the problem was gone. I suspect deleting it would do the same thing. Happy to report this tiny annoyance is gone.


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17036745961 avatar image 17036745961 Randy Haun commented ·

Delete does work! Thanks!

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Randy Haun commented ·

I'm glad you found tis post, Randy. It normally happens when the network connection fails.

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I suggest you uninstall the app and reinstall it. Thank you.

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jenn-community-moderator answered Randy Haun commented

Hello Torkel,

That icon means "failed to send messages" you can tap or click that to resend. Thanks!

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Synergy Home Care of Nash ooh uh avatar image Synergy Home Care of Nash ooh uh commented ·

I am seeing these 'failed-to-send' icons as well. As the original question states, I CANNOT click on the icon to resend a message, because when I hover over it, the icon disappears, and a drop-down menu appears, with only two options: 'delete' and 'block number'.

There is no indication *which* message(s) failed to send, so I need to guess, and cut-and-paste mesage(s) I *think* might not have been sent successfully.

Help me figure out how this icon helps me? Right now, it just indicates: 'you can't assume ANY of your messages to this number we sent successfully'...

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Randy Haun avatar image Randy Haun Synergy Home Care of Nash ooh uh commented ·

A word of caution. When clicking on the "Red Circle Arrow" it is not the one displayed next to the contact's name. That tells you which conversation has a failed message. I found that I had to open the messages and scroll thru them until I find the one message that failed. The second "Red Circle Arrow" will be located at the top right of the failed message. Just before the edit and trash icon.See example.


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