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Meetings polling results

For RC Meetings polls, who can see the individual results of the poll (by attendee)?

The question was asked wrt hosting AGMs in RC, and doing elections (for the board of directors), where the results must not be visible to anyone, including those running the meeting.

Is it possible to hide the individual results in this fashion?

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Hey, @bob-beaucage - thanks for this question. Unfortunately, the polling feature does not allow for this kind of results privacy.

We would encourage you to use our Ideas Portal to share this idea. Click here to be directed to the Ideas Portal.

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Hi @Becky-Community_Manager, thank you for the reply.

After posting the question, I was testing the Poll feature and found the Anonymous option. When the polling data is exported, it only shows 'Anonymous' and not the attendee that made the vote.

Although not perfect, and trusts that the creator of the poll checks off the 'Anonymous' option, it may be good enough in some situations.

Is that a fair assessment?

I may post something in the Ideas Portal to make it more robust, it would be a great feature for organizations that cannot hold AGMs in person.

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