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Breakout Room Question

Will we be having three board of directors specific meetings next week. The first meeting will start at 1:30 pm, the second at 2:30 pm and the third at 3:00 pm. Instead of giving each of the meetings their own unique meeting notice, and requiring the participants to log into 3 separate meetings, is it possible to use meeting breakout rooms instead? The first two meetings will have a uniquice mix of participants, where as the third meeting will have the full board. Some members are early to the meeting which causes a disruption when they join the meeting. The last part of my questions is if we are in a breakout room and someone joins the meeting that is already in progress, can they hear us in the breakout room and vice versa? Thanks for your help.

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How many people can there be in a single breakout room

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I know you can create 50 breakout room but is there a capacity limit per room

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