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FEATURE REQUEST:Private park locations and hud on new app

The HUD has been one of our most helpful tools to see who is on park locations (just like a normal phone) and who is busy on the phone. We've used the ring central phone app. We recently discovered that it will be end of service estimated the end of next year. This feature is essential for us to use ring central effectively.

Can you build something similar to the hud in the unified app. And more/most importantly can we utilize the private park locations we have set up in the admin portal.

We use this in opposition to blind or warm transfers because it allows to decouple the calling experience from the transfer experience. It gives our internal users breathing room to leave someone on a park location, then have the next person pick it up without the rush of having to keep someone on hold while you transfer.

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@jesse-henson1 Thanks for sharing this.
The best way to get ideas in front of our Product team is by using the Ideas Portal.
Please submit your idea HERE and be sure to fill in all the details in the fields provided.


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