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New RC app - Pause call recording.

Hi all, I have a customer who is using the new RC app.

They would like to use the Auto record for all users, but they have some staff who take phone payments, thus they need to be able to pause call recording for GDPR, however with the new APP this does not seem to be available, when you try to hit record whilst on a call, the app just comes up with an error??

Since this, the customer has gone to use on-demand call recording and this is working fine within the new app, so its just the Automatic Recording Pause feature that isn't?

Anyone with any ideas?

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I was just told by RC support today that auto call recording pausing isn't available on the new app. You need to be using the RC Phone in order to pause auto call recordings. Seems silly to me, as we also need to pause for GDPR and PCI compliance we can't be recording customer credit card info. It's honestly about the only thing that is stopping us from moving to the new app.

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Hey, @kevin-oechsle and @mark-knight, Please share your vote for this idea in our Ideas Portal.

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