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How to view deleted faxes in the app

Team, customer has asked about the ability to view deleted faxes in the new app. They were informed that when a notification is received for a fax, and they delete the email notification it actually deletes the fax itself. They used to be able to view the deleted in the old RC phone app. Now they have switched to RC App, to view deletes, they are required to login to the customer portal online. ASK: is there an update to show all current and deleted faxes in the unified app?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

We just tested this and did not have the same results. We'd like to learn more about your process, as we deleted the email notification and the fax remained in the fax folder in the app.
Please have the customer share more details here so we can assist.

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Tamanna Kalra avatar image Tamanna Kalra Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

HI. I am new to this and I am having this exact issue. deleted VM and email notification of incoming fax deletes the to retrieve and not have this happen??

thank u!!

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Allen Roberts avatar image Allen Roberts commented ·

Becky, I have staff using the RC Phone desktop app. Issue we are having. If the staff check their actual desktop phone and listen to voicemails. They get “Fax message received with a date/time. If they delete that voice mail, it removes the actual fax from the message inbox on the RC phone desktop app. I called support today and they restored several “user deleted fax” and they reappeared in the RC phone desktop app. There is no trash can view on the RC desktop app. I was told the only to restore them is to login to the browser based portal and the user can restore them from the trash can. Staff just assumed the notification of a fax received in voicemail was just that a notification.

original issue: staff telling me they get a email informing of new fax. When they go to RC phone app. No new fax appear. Checked log, shows received. Contact support informed user deleted vm. Checked with staff only thing deleted was record message saying fax received from polycom deskphone.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Allen Roberts commented ·

Allen, thanks for this context.
Through the RC Phone Desktop app and the RC unified app, there is not a way to restore deleted faxes. The only way to restore them is, as you mentioned, through the web portal trashcan icon.

If you would like to submit this as a feature request, please use this link and share all relevant details so we can share it with our product team.

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Tamanna Kalra avatar image Tamanna Kalra commented ·

Allen Roberts -- I just came across your post -- I am new to RC and my staff has same exact issue... I have not been able to find any help ... have you learned something you may share? thank you.

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Michael Reeder avatar image Michael Reeder commented ·

I seem to have some version of this going on. I have faxes I got notifications for that were not in my fax inbox when I checked. Agent on chat mentioned that they were in deleted files. I never deleted them, but I MIGHT have deleted the notification email. So TWO issues here:

1) The problem of faxes deleting themselves may still be happening.

2) Where the heck do I find the trash can? I see from above its not in the Windows 10 Ring Central app. I also CAN'T find it in the web-based browser customer online portal.



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Michael Reeder answered

I received moderator help (thank you) on how to retrieve deleted messages -- can only be done from admin portal, then pick my extension. See:

The question of the self-deleting faxes remains...



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