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Phone Rings when shared line call is on hold

When we place a shared line call on hold it will ring on the other phones that can access the shared line. Isn't this the intended way it's supposed to work? Is there a way to change this? We have a user claiming that it was never working that way before and wants it changed, but I've always experienced the above behavior and can't see a setting for this in the system.

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Hello@Thomas C. apologies, we need to make sure of your settings. It would be best if you created a case here, and our phone support will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Just started having this same problem. Did you ever figure out how to fix it?

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I figure out our problem, but it may not be the source of yours as I'm now realizing that i might have worded it wrong. We are using a phone line/extension as a main line that multiple phones can pick up. We had to disable "Enable me to pick up a monitored line on hold " on the phones picking that one up to stop them from ringing when that central line was put on hold.

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Hello @Ken Webb, please open a case HERE if you are still experiencing the issue. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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I opened a ticket on this a few weeks ago, and Support closed it saying "working as designed". We're new to RC we this simply doesn't sound like reasonable functionality.

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I remember our organization getting the exact same answer back in 2016 when we first deployed it. The "solution" for me on this was to disable the ability for the lines we didn't want ringing to pick up a monitored line on hold. This stopped the ringing and the users said they didn't need the functionality.

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But turning off that feature removes the ability to pick up calls on hold on presence lines. That will not do.

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