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Engaged Voice Platform - Why can't I block an anonymous caller in Engaged Voice?

We have been using Engaged Voice for several months now and we are currently having an issue with an anonymous caller and we can not block an anonymous caller in engaged voice. So this caller continues to tie up our queues and is wearing out our specialist. I called engaged voice and they said they would have someone call me back the next day - well that was last week.

I was also told that in order to stop this caller, Ring Central would have to build an IVR for me - I am thinking that to build an IVR, it's going to cost us. But than again, they have not called me back, so I am assuming they don't know how to solve our issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, Engaged Voice is missing some of the little user friendly options, like making the softphone ring louder -

I have contacted several agents at Engaged Voice and I will have to tell you that the customer service Tier 1 and Tier 2 agents that I have dealt with have been awesome, very friendly and professional. It's when it goes beyond what they can do, I find it difficult to find answers or difficult to communicate with.

Just my experience... I need an solution today or I may be looking for another service.... I can't have my line tied up.

Engage Digital and Engage Voice
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Sheila, can you share a few more details via email?

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