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RingCentral App and Classic can no longer authenticate with Google SAML

I have recently been unable to authenticate using Google SAML with the RingCentral desktop app or Classic app. I do not believe the issue to be a SAML issue as the account being used to authenticate will work in other cases with RingCentral like RingCentral Phone, RC app on IOS & Android.

After some searching I found this blog from Google.

Which explains the behavior I am experiencing with the RingCentral desktop apps previously mentioned. I believe both the RC app/classic are running an embedded version of Electron and would fall in the embedded browser category. I think this may be a wider issue at least in my instance and hasn't been a real problem yet due to SAML being able to have a persistent session, but after log out I have not been able to authenticate again.

Actual text of the message from Google.

This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more

Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in.

My question would be has there been any further reporting of this issue or am I an isolated case?

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Seeing this issue also, following.

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I believe this issue may have been resolved by Google at least in my instance of G-suite. I am basing this off what I can determine has changed and the behavior I could produce. Though it may still be too early to tell and I have no indications that either RC or Google has changed anything. The RC app has an update as of 11/12/20 and RC Classic last update was 10/26/20 neither could login as of 11/13. Both can authenticate as of today 11/16/20.

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Hey, @Kerry Williams Thanks for circling back and following up on your experience.
Let us know if there are any other challenges.

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