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How to set Presence location to specific hard key on Polycom Phones


Using Polycom VVX 450 phones with 12 buttons. On the admin website you can program presence buttons for users but even though it gives the option to choose which specific button to choose on the end users phone it always adds them to the next available empty button. Doesn't matter if you choose leave empty space or collapse list. On the web portal is shows the correct layout but on the actual phone it doesn't match. Am I missing something on how to get it to save to the button you choose on the web portal?



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Thanks. According to RC this is currently broken and can only be done with custom configs at the moment. If anybody knows otherwise would appreciate any info!


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Any update on this issue ? We have the same problem with poly 350 and 450 phones and sidecars. Everything collapses and doesn't leave spaces..

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Hi Joey, please open a case with Technical Support so they can check. Go to or call 1-888-898-4591.

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1 Answer

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Hello @joseph-sarosy, apologies! It might work if we customize it through the Graphical User Interface of the phone. I will highly suggest opening a case HERE, and our phone support will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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