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  Please note the community is currently under maintenance and is read-only.
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Need a way to change call queue managers en masse. Open to ideas.
Tags: call queues, ringcentral app
Nov 3, 2021 at 7:30am   •   3 replies  •  1 likes
Kameron Sobenes-Desme'

We have a need to soon create up to 200 call queues for varying locations that all require different phone numbers with differing area codes.

We have a group of managers that need to be the ones to update the call queue membership, thus they need to have call queue manager access to each one. We really need to avoid having to manually add each manager to 200+ different call queues. Especially in the event of personnel changes. Is there any way to either:

a) assign a user as a call queue manager to multiple call queues at once?


b) Create a group of sorts, and then assign that group as the call queue manager. We could assign that group to all, and then modify the group membership as needed


c) Much like when creating a brand new call queue, can we copy call queue settings from another call queue, membership and all, and apply this to an already created call queue? Then we could have several template call queues for varying membership needs.

3 Answers
answered on Oct 9, 2022 at 6:13pm  

Thank you. I had a look and cannot see how to add / remove Call Queue managers. oNly how to add / remove members?

on Oct 11, 2022 at 8:17am   •  0 likes

No, there is no API to do that. When you create a call queue (department) extension, you are creating a call queue in an old (legacy way) which does not have a call queue manager list. The department extension requires a valid email and a password and that is the manager of that call queue.

answered on Oct 6, 2022 at 10:21pm  

We need this as well

on Oct 7, 2022 at 9:35am   •  0 likes

Check out the dev guide to learn more about call queue management API.

answered on Nov 16, 2020 at 10:06am  

Moreover, just to be clear we will also need a way to remove membership in mass as well. Also adding this note to hopefully encourage someone to update this thread.

If there is absolutely no way to do this, I would at least like to know that. Additionally, any info on ideas for alternatives, or a time frame on when the above may be implemented would be good to know.


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