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How can I automatically change to DND when in a Ring Central Meeting?

The Ringcentral app sees that you are in a meeting. However, phone calls to you still audibly ring interrupting the meeting. Is there a configuration to automatically change to DND while in the meeting?

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Hello Anirban, can RC Office be setup to automatically direct calls to voicemail (DND) whenever I'm either in a RC Video meeting or on another phone call, or does the presence need to be manually set each time?

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I would also like to know how to set it up so it AUTOMATICALLY goes to DND while on video meeting or conference call. Thanks.

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Hi @kelly-cote, when you're in a meeting, a red dot is shown. This presence indicates if a user is in a meeting and should not be disturbed. This presence is system-triggered and is set automatically.

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Right, but outside callers can't see that and phone calls come through. All of our personnel aren't on Ring Central so they can't see the solid red. So auto DND would be great.

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