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Is it possible to activate integrated calling on an Android phone?

I'm a new Ring Central user and just discovered that when I'm on a RingCentral call (using the mobile app) and a call comes into my direct cell phone number it automatically puts the RingCentral call on hold.

This is obviously very annoying and disruptive. Is there a solution? I'm using a Google Pixel 4

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"RingCentral calls will be interrupted by incoming mobile calls when Integrated Calling is disabled. "

Check here how to manage integrated calling:

and here

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That article shows an app that looks different from the one we're using. There is no option for activating integrated calling on Android or iOS.

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@Rob Corey I am using the RingCentral App and was able to locate integrated calling by clicking on my profile image in the upper left-hand corner, selecting phone under Settings, and scrolling to the bottom.

If you aren't seeing this, can you please share some screenshots so we can see what you're experiencing?

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The attached screenshot shows what options I've got when I scroll to the bottom as you suggest. There is no option for turning on integrated calling. So far I'm really not enjoying the RingCentral mobile app!Screenshot_20201222-103429.png

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@Rob Corey I've reached out to the Product Team to determine why you might not be seeing this.
Hang tough and I work to get some answers.

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My mobile app is the same as the screenshot that was posted above. Is there an update for Integrated Calling on Android phones?

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