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Adding a new user with disabled status still sends the welcome email

I am using the 'Update Extension' API to assign an unassigned device to a new user. I set the status to 'Disabled' but the Welcome Email is still sent to the user. I also tried setting the status to 'NotActivated' but the Welcome Email is sent with this status as well. It seems to me the Welcome Email should only be sent if the user is added with a status of 'Enabled'.
Is there a bug here, is it working as designed, or is there something else I need to set in order to stop the Welcome Email getting sent when the status is 'Disabled'?

My app is in the Production environment.

Note: when performing the same task using the 'Enable All' feature in the GUI by uploading an Excel spreadsheet and selecting the 'Activate Later' radio button, the welcome email is not sent. The user gets set to 'Disabled' via this method.


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It should behave the same as using the GUI tool. I cannot test this right now but will do as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, can you share the email content here (pls remove sensitive info)? Just want to see if it is just a welcome or a setup email etc.

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Sure Phong - here you go. Thanks!


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@Phong Vu - Hi Phong - any update on this one?

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@Phong Vu - Hi Phong, I was just wondering if you ever had a chance to look into this? Please let me know - thanks!

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Hi Mike, apology for this. So many things so little time.

I have not tested this but I found this from the documentation. Can you try to set the transition value accordingly.


Let me know.

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