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Call Forwarding to Other Extension While Employee Is Out

Hi RingCentral Community!

We have a need to allow a Employee B to cover for Employee A while they are out on medical leave.

We need all calls and voicemail destined for Employee A to end up with Employee B for a certain amount of time.

Since Employee B is working from home and does not have the ability to have their Polycom phone with them, they need to use the Apps (both desktop and mobile). As I understand it, RC cannot forward calls to the apps directly (seems odd) so we need to set up a call queue for Employee B. I have done this and created a custom rule but just cannot get it to work.

Calls made to Employee A do go to the Employee B Call Queue but the voicemails are left in the Call Queue voicemail and no notifications go out.

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I guess you can configure voicemail for one user to another user extension from the online portal by selecting the user -->Message--> after-hours --> to specific extension and select the extension you need to send.

And call can be forward to other extensions from the call handling and forwarding section:

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Call forwarding directly does not work on the apps and if you forward to the phone, it will only ring the phone and NEVER go to voicemail.

Is this really such an odd request/situation?

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