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Video meetings in Office Essentials service plan


Recently I signed up for to Office Essentials service plan, I'm in the 14 days trial period.

And I was surprised I got a video feature in the Ringcentral app. In the plan description, I do not see video meetings as the included feature. Is it a video trial only for trial customers? What is the limit? And will I get video meetings if I'll upgrade from the trial?

Thank you.

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Hello Helena, since you are in a trial period. I would highly suggest getting in touch with your Account Manager, and they explain to you what's in your package. Thank you!

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Thanks Jenn,
Do you know where I can find my Account Manager's contact info? I tried to find and do not see it anywhere.
Thank you.

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It seems like you don't have one yet. We will request your own Account Manager and contact you as soon as possible. We will forward your details to them. Thank you!

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