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Text option just went away...

One of our admin could text and now all of a sudden the option is gone and she gets the error " A valid Phone Number is required to send text message to recipients outside of your company, Please contact your Administrator to add a direct number to your account." Does anyone have any idea what happen? All our other offices can text and all the settings are the same.

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You need to check if the user extension if it still have a number associated with it.

You can login into your RingCentral online account and select the User then click Phones & Numbers > Numbers

Do you able to see any number associate with it? If not you need to add a direct number.

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Yes, she does have a number associated with it.

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Hi Suzy,

We would like to check on your account and see what's going on. Please email us your account information at

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Ok, will do right now.

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