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cannot receive long sms messages from canada carriers

This has been a long (multi-year) issue, that we have just recently confirmed with RC tech support. From our RC account we can send long sms messages (longer than 160 char), but we cannot properly* receive them ever.

By "proper", I mean that all long text messages received from most canadian carriers that are longer than 160 char (approx), are received as multiple messages and usually in the wrong order.

With several months of testing with RC tech support, they finally acknowledged that RC does not support the sms technology that all Canadian carriers use as their standard for identifying the order of long messages so that they can be "reconnected" in the proper order and then delivered and displayed as a single message (as it was sent).

RC tech support has acknowledged this, but yet they will not provide any estimate of when it will e supported properly, OR any commitment that they are even planning to. We asked them to update the website to reflect this as a limitation of their sms service, but they will not.

Anybody else out there with Canadian RC accounts willing to re-test this, and help push this issue to be resolved??

To test, just send a message from any non-RC carrier in Canada (Rogers, Telus, Bell being the largest ones), and ensure the the message is over 160 char long, and send it to your RC account. Check these 2 issues:

- does it show up in your RC account as multiple messages (instead of just one)?

- do the multiple messages get delivered in the incorrect order?

Please provide your test results either way so that we can determine any patterns. I have tested with 3 different RC accounts and sending from 5 different non-RC carriers so far and have had the same problem with all of them.

Note that we have confirmed via an API that this is not an issue with any of the RC apps, the raw messages stored in the messages store are saved as multiple separate split-apart messages.

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Yeah, this happens to me as well (along with my clients). Long messages are received out of order and in multiples.

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Have you opened any support cases for this and/or gotten any RC responses?

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It has been over 1 yr since we raised this issue and have zero response from anyone at RC. We have opened several support cases over the past couple of years for this and they have all ended as just a confirmation that RC does not support whatever sms technology is being used by Canadian carriers for splitting/joining long messages. My last case I was told to just raise a new idea in this forum to get it voted on and resolved. So this is just an update to my idea / issue that has been going on for several years now. Hope someone reads this eventually.

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I finally received a detailed response from RC tech support, confirming that they don't support long message SMS support in Canada and the technical issue:

"...sent a follow-up email to our SMS carrier and currently, they don't support SAR for long messages/concatenation- this is what Canadian carriers use as opposed to UDH for message assembly..."

I have requested that they update their sales website to indicate a note regarding this - that clarifies that they do not fully support SMS currently.

Hopefully we can get proper SAR support from the RC SMS carrier soon.

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We are having the same issue in the US for all my employees. Long SMS that we receive are mixed and separated. I put in a case.

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