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Is there a report available that shows when a user is logged into the queue during the day?

I would like to find out when my techs are logged in during the day to the queue and when they are not. This would be helpful in determining when we miss calls if anyone was in the queue at that time or not.

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Hi Mike,

I'm not really sure which specific queue reports do you mean but you may want to check with Analytics Reports. Check out these links below.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I have been all through the Performance Reports and found nothing that is what I am looking for. The below screenshot shows when a tech is in the call queue. I would like to know when during the day the tech has this toggled off. Other phone systems I have used in the past have been able to provide this type of detail. I take it RingCentral does not provide this level of detail in their reporting?


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I see what you mean now Mike. This feature is not available. You may create a new post and share it as an idea. There's a "Share an idea button on the upper part of this site.

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This feature would be super helpful

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