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RingCentral Regularly Freezing on Mac

I've had ongoing issues with RingCentral freezing regularly whilst commencing a video call and often whilst screen sharing This requires me to force quit the app to get out of the locked screen.

I'm on a Mac running the latest version of Big Sur and the current version of ring central. .
I have an active ticket with Ring Central who have acknowledged the issue and have no fix.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

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Scott Berfield avatar image Scott Berfield commented ·

Happening to me too. We are a corporate customer and I'm escalating with IT

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My coworker had an issue where it would freeze every time she tried to share her screen. We did a full uninstall (including hidden files in Library), checked permissions, checked firewall, calling RC and Apple. Turned out the issue was the most random of all, it was the Do Not Disturb setting of the Mac itself. Somehow it was interfering with RC meetings, most particularly screen sharing. This setting is built in to keep your mac from ringing or making noise when your attached iPhone rings or gets messages. Apple is actually the one that told her to turn this off when she called for support, since RC couldn't figure it out, and she said it fixed the issue.

UPDATE: Turns out this did not fix the issue after all. My coworker still has the issues, and RC now told her it is a known compatibility issue with Big Sur that they are now working on. It only affects the RingCentral Meetings option, and not the RingCentral Video option.

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Kari De Leon avatar image Kari De Leon commented ·

This is happening to me as well. It's absurdly annoying. When can this be escalated? I don't have this problem with Zoom.

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matthew-wills avatar image matthew-wills commented ·

Still no answer. Might as well switch to a different provider.

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Chirag Shukla avatar image Chirag Shukla matthew-wills commented ·

I've been using RC on BigSur for a while now and have had no issues with freezing. My current version is Web, Mac on OSX 11.4. What's your version of the client? What antivirus/endpoint protection do you have?

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I was told by an RC support person that there is known compatibility issues with Big Sur. No ETA on a fix unless someone can post one here. I'm not 100% the above Do Not Disturb fix is for this compatibility. Will need to let RC comment.

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Hi all,

Alex is correct, this is a known compatibility issue that is being investigated. It only affects RingCentral Meetings and not RingCentral Video. If you open a case regarding this issue, please mention RCM-8517 and your case will be attached to the known issue ticket. When there is a resolution, you will get a notification.

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Chirag Shukla avatar image Chirag Shukla commented ·

We have a support case open (12658703) where your team is telling us there is a problem with RC Video and BigSur. RC Video was working fine in March. RC's April 2021 release seems to have broken something.

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