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Ring Central Partners or Consultants

Has anyone engaged a Ring Central Partner or Consultant to help them use Ring Central to its maximum for their business?

integrationspartner compatibility
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I think this is where I should have posted my comment. I'm looking for some paid Ring Central Help too. Small jobs, but I need someone I can call who can fix whatever new Ring Central challenge I am faced with this week. Happy to pay. Desi

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@Eva Ikonomakos We have a lot of partners here on the Community. Hopefully, someone will pipe up with their experiences and support!
I'll nudge a few too! :)

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Thank you, Becky!

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Becky - is there an easier way for me to find partners that i can reach out to?

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Hi Desi - I was unsuccessful in finding someone here - I can let you know what steps I took to get help. Thanks!

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@Desi Haramija @Eva Ikonomakos
I just connected with our Partner team.
Can you please reach out to us directly at I'll have them connect you with partners in your area.

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Thank you, @Becky-Community_Manager - I am actually working with someone really wonderful but thank you so much for contacting me. @Desi Haramija - please feel free to reach out if you would like me to refer you to who i am working with.

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Great! Sorry for the delay, but glad you got what you needed!

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Hello, I inherited management of a small deployment (three offices, 11 employees) and have questions. Can figure out most basic features and settings, but am perplexed by a few items and just do not have the time to skim and scour places like RC community for answers.

Surely there's an option where I can connect w/ a saavy RC user or admin who knows how to, say, diagnose and fix why a DTMF tone (assoc with one specific keypad number/option) is not registering for customers dialing in via cell. Has to be a known issue, no way I'm the "first" to experience, but here we are (*checks watch*) some 63 minutes and counting w/o finding the right mix of keywords to find the answer.

Tried to go the consultant route via large-scale gig sites and kept getting people wanting to leverage this one-off into a larger relationship, IT-wise. I respect the hustle, but really just want this (and only this) done.

Am I insane, or is it really not worth someone's time to spend a half a day at most working with me to optimize my system (and get paid a respectable amount for doing so)? I don't want to contract with you for managed services on a monthly basis for four figures a month, just a quick fling, so to speak.

Responses are welcome and appreciated.

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Hi Dane - I got a lot of help from Jake Bascom - he was wonderful and helped me a lot with my RC account. You can hire him for projects like we did.

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Thanks for the reply, Eva. I'll reach out to him.

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