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SMS logs from Admin

Can I see from my Admin account a log of SMS sent by users on our account?

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Just updating this old thread as this comes up often on google search. This is for the benefit of new comers to this page.

Yes, since Sept, 2022 we do have capability in admin portal for customer admins to check SMS usage logs. Once admin logs in to, please go to Reports -> SMS logs. You have an option to view up to last 60 days of usage logs on screen, and also can click on download and export sms logs as a CSV for up to 1 year.


Gurpreet Singh

GPM, RingCentral Platform

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Thank you @Gurpreet Singh!

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What ROLE checkbox controls this if I want give a supervisor access to SMS Logs? I can't seem to create custom role that has the same Reports options that SuperAdmin does. Thanks.

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Gurpreet Singh avatar image Gurpreet Singh matt-gregory10471 commented ·

Hello @matt-gregory , as of now, SMS Usage Logs is only available to Super Admins, and we can't provide it's access to any other role.

However, this feature is in our backlog, and we will try to make this available in future.


Gurpreet Singh

Platform PM, RingCentral Inc.

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matt-gregory10471 avatar image matt-gregory10471 Gurpreet Singh commented ·

Oof, that's incorrect. Not sure why the Community notification came through 2 weeks later, but I figured out how to give that access through custom roles. A few different checkboxes will do it, but specifically Inventory & Billing > Usage Information gives the user access to SMS Log.

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