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HTTP 500 when querying for agent-segment-metadata-report

I am getting an HTTP 500 error when querying using this endpoint


"generalMessage": "An Internal Server Error occurred while processing this request",

"details": "",

"requestUri": "/api/v1/admin/accounts/1XXXX000/reportsStreaming - POST",

"timestamp": 1615249625852


I have obfuscated my account Id by replacing numbers with X's.

I am using the query that is in the documentation but changing the dates

Documentation page -

Query payload

{ "reportId":null, "destination":null, "delimiter":"COMMA", "reportType":"CASPER_REPORT", "cciReport":true, "reportTypeName":"Inbound_Agent_Segment_Metadata_Report", "reportCriteria": { "secureGateGroupIds":"", "gateGroupIds":[], "secureGateIds":"", "gateIds":[], "secureAgentGroupIds":"", "agentGroupIds":[], "secureAgentIds":"", "agentIds":[], "endUiiTableKey":"", "startUiiTableKey":"", "endTimestamp":"2021-02-26 23:59:00", "startTimestamp":"2021-01-01 00:00:00", "timezoneName":"US/Arizona", "criteriaType":"CASPER_CRITERIA", "reportName":"Inbound_Agent_Segment_Metadata_Report", "returnType":"CSV", "schedule": { "repeatOption":"ONCE" }, "accountIds":[] } }

FYI @Vlad Kuznetsov, @Craig Chan

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