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Can we record just the speaker/leader in Glip Ringcentral Video?

We need to record JUST one speaker in a Glip Ringcentral Video Meeting. Now when we record, no matter what view we are in - it records the grid. This is needed on SO many applications of video conferencing. I can't believe it is not included in Glip Ringcentral. Any way around this?

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We have similar kind of requirement. Is this issue solved?

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Not yet... I added it to the Idea Portal and am waiting for the developers to pick it up and add to the next update. Thanks

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No options for this from Ringcentral yet - I have submitted it to the Idea Portal. Thanks!

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Good morning! nothing is resolved in that discussion either but thank you so much for your help! It is just a problem that Ringcentral Video desperately needs to fix.!

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