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Faxing from "New" RingCentral app - another step backwards

Ring Central Classic allows you to drag and drop documents when faxing. The new RingCentral app requires you to click the paperclip button and browse to the file location to attach it to the fax.

How is it that as time goes by RingCentral gets worse instead of better? The decision to retire the old app was a collosal mistake when it offers reduced functionality compared to the "new" version.

I know the canned response because I've seen it on other posts. "If you want to keep using the old app contact your account manager..." Yeah, good luck with that. My account manager won't even return my emails. Last time I needed something I had to contact her manager to get an issue resolved.

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Eddie, this is a known issue that the team is working on. We'll update when we have further details on this item.

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