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How to setup simultaneous outbound faxes?

Currently, we have fax server on premise with multiple modem/analog lines. There are 4 dedicated lines for outbound. So, we can have up to 4 faxes sending simultaneously. Our developer is working on RC fax API to route outbound fax to RC. We don't know how many simultaneous faxes can be sent at one time per line/extension on RC. Do we need to setup a fax group (with multiple line/extension) for outgoing faxes, so the outbound fax can hunt for available line to send without waiting? We fax average 6000 page (patient result) per month to MD office and hospital. We don't want any delay if faxes are sitting in queue and sending out one by one.

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Hi, faxes are sent individually to recipients and may take 1 minute per page. You may check these KB Articles to know more about Fax Transmission.

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In our scenario, we want to send multiple faxes at the same time to prevent the delay. How can we achieve that with Ring Central Fax API? We have multiple extension from Ring Central. Can we create or add multiple extension to a fax group and send fax to the group?

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@Manh Le, I will be moving your posts to our Developers site so they can help you with this.

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Basically, every user extension under your account (company) will share the same fax number (which usually is your main company number). Thus, every fax sending out thru the same number will be on the same queue.

For your use case, I suggest that you should add more phone numbers (let's say 3 more plus the current main company number to match your 4 lines). Then you should create 4 dedicated extensions (let's name them "Fax station 1", "Fax station 2" etc.. Each "Fax station" extension will be assigned with a different fax number.

Set Fax settings for each extension


Select Fax number for each extension


Now it's up to you to implement your fax app to select a "Fax Station" extension to send out a fax. You can query fax messages status of each "Fax Station" to see how many faxes are on the queue of that fax station and decide which one you want to use for sending a new fax.

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Thank you Phong Vu. Your information and instruction are very helpful. We also need to know if we can customize and use our own fax cover page instead of the built-in cover page from Ring Central. I read an article from RC community about custom cover page from Ring Central App. Not sure we can create and use custom cover page with Fax API. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there is no API for creating a custom cover page. You can customize your cover page under the same user's fax settings with cover page info. Or, you can workaround this by creating a cover page dynamically, convert it to pdf or an image and send it as the first page of your fax.

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Hi Phong Vu. You are very helpful.

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