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Glip/Unified App - Calendar Presence not syncing for dual calendars

The RingCentral Glip app has a handy feature called 'Calendar Presence'. My understanding of this is that any calendar that is associated with the relevant calendar (in my case, a Google Calendar) would be synced to indicate a 'busy' ('in a meeting') status.

There are various use cases of this:

  1. When I create a meeting directly on my calendar to 'block off' time to focus on various work projects. These work projects are often time-sensitive; however they are not an actual 'RingCentral' meeting with other participants - it's just me. In this case, I want to be able to use Google's 'Create new calendar' function and have the calendar also synced to RingCentral, so that blocked time for projects also shows up as busy/in a meeting.
  2. If two members are collaborating on a project remotely, they may not even have a RingCentral meeting set up; however, if that time is blocked off on their calendars, then the RingCentral status should reflect it appropriately.

In the current case, RingCentral does not reflect the presence status of the 'Blocked Time' calendar below; causing confusion with other team mates, since the calendar indicates that time is blocked off and RingCentral indicates that I'm 'Available'.

Can you please address this right away?




P.S: I discussed this with Dennis Hufemia @ Ring Central; so he should be able to provide more details if needed.

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Hi Alan, The workaround for this would be to add an RCV Meeting link every time you create a new schedule. Your RingCentral app presence will be "busy" even if you don't go to the actual meeting.

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Hello, Thanks; unfortunately that workaround would be time-consuming and will not work for me; since I create all meetings directly from (Google) Calendar.

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I see, Alan. For feature requests, please submit them in our Ideas Portal at

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